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Mattress Cleaning & Sanitizing
Ever think about what you are sleeping on every night, or even worse - what you are sleeping with? You more than likely have millions of unwelcome roommates living inside of your mattress. What are they you ask? Dust mites.  Smaller than a grain of sand, these pests live, breed, defecate, and die all inside of your mattress while you sleep, thriving on the skin cells you shed every night. In fact, the weight of the average mattress can nearly double in ten years due to dust mite infestation. A dust mite infestation could also cause an allergy outbreak or make your skin itchy. No need to panic and burn your mattress though, as A-Abace offers a much more cost-effective solution. Call today for a free consultation and estimate and sleep better tonight.

Pet Stains & Odors
Pets are great companions to humans, but pet waste can be your carpet and/or furniture's worst enemy. Every pet, even the most well trained, has had or will have an accident indoors and the odor is nearly impossible to get rid of. Even if the odor is not noticeable to humans, your pet may still notice it, resulting in repeat "visits" to that spot. At A-Abace we use a specially designed formula made of active enzymes that neutralize the odor. Call today for a free consultation and estimate and give your pet a hug.

It's a hard knocks life for a piece of furniture in a busy home. Kids, pets, roommates, spouses, in-laws and house guests all take a toll on your furniture (and your sanity), yet rarely does it get the deep cleaning it deserves. Bring your furniture back to life with A-Abace's in-home upholstery dry cleaning. We remove stains and odors and make your furniture look like new again. Call today for a free consultation and estimate.

Carpet & Area Rugs
It's no fun to be walked on every day, just ask your carpet. Ok, carpets can't talk, but if they could, they would be begging to be cleaned! Much like furniture, carpet and area rugs can take quite a beating and need to be cleaned by a professional. We take special care of carpet and area rugs and will repeat our process as many times as needed to get the job done right. Call today for a free consultation and estimate.

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